A little over a year ago I blogged about my son, the (now) 12 year-old that we adopted when he was 5.  Back in 2004, we were told he would never read, never write, never mature past a 4 year-old, both behaviorally and academically.


He read an entire book, Go Dog Go, by Dr. Seuss.  He’s been reading “sight” words for several months now, and he’s really good at word families, but reading books just simply eluded him.  No longer!

We were so excited for him!!  He ended up frustrating himself after his accomplishment simply because he started getting other books, then was dismayed that he couldn’t put the words together.  We assured him that it was okay, and reading harder books would come in time.

I am so excited for my little guy!  More than anyone, he reminds me to celebrate and not take for granted even the smallest blessings in life.  What a joy he is!!

First Day

Just wanted to update our first day of school.

Great day, great day!  My baby, 4 years old, officially started pre-k.  We also started a Kinder, 1st, 4th, 8th, 11th & 12th.  My senior is attending his 2nd year of dual-credit college program, and my oldest started his first official day in the fire department program.

Our CM day went pretty smoothly.  Today we studied Bible, scripture memory, beginning reading, math, we made a salt-dough map of Ancient Egypt, copy work, poetry reviewed our sight words, science and read one chapter of a lit book.  Sounds like a lot, but with short lessons, we were finished before noon and able to relax all afternoon.  Although my 4th grader is 12, he is MR and works on the level of our 1st grader.  Smooth today, smooth today!

Our 8th grader struggled a little under the weight of a tougher caseload, but all in all did well.  My 11th grader is also studying the ASVAB, as he aspires to join military service after he graduates.  My Senior also enjoyed his first day at community and feels like the classes will not be too tough.  My FD guy was so excited about his first day that he called me from his cell phone to give me an update!

Great day, great day!

Although I know rough days are inevitable, I am praying that the remainder of our school model this first day!   Going to lean hard on the Lord, and we are sure to be successful!

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Having a hard time tonight sleeping; have had a cold that’s been kicking my butt for several days now and this afternoon (or should I say yesterday) I slept for several hours.  Now I’m wide awake!

I was going thru the kid’s schedules, preparing for the “settling down” into first grade with my 6 year-old, when I realized that although the homeschool movement has grown tremendously, the method our family follows is still not too common.  In the road that’s being traveled more and more by parents choosing to educate their own children, our family has digressed, and we’re traveling on a different branch.

So, the usual “panic” hit me today…am I doing enough?  Will they learn what they need to?  Seeing that my youngest three children are the ones who will be full CM taught through-out their education, I truly do not know what to expect.  I believe in the method 100%, and even though I switched my older children to CM two years ago, I still have those nagging thoughts that I guess every homeschooler feels (once in a while).

Being the only one in this lovely sunshine city who follows CM has certainly added to my anxiety!

So, it’s 1:30am and I’m rambling.

Hoping to document our CM journey as we go along.

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Discernment……………does not meant knowing right from wrong, but rather, right from almost right.

Have you ever heard something that sounded right, but it still tickled the back of your brain, making you wonder?  That is the birth of discernment.  What to do with it?

Go straight to the source…..almost right is the same as saying, WRONG!

Don’t be led astray by the almost rights of this world.

My two cents for the day.

I’m doing a study on the book of Esther with the wonderful church I’ve started attending.  I’d read the book of Esther but had never dissected it as required in the bible study.  I think the most famous verse is found in 4:14, in which Mordecai uses the words “for such a time as this.”  Sadly, I had reduced the entire book to this one verse.

Doing the study, however, has required an in-depth look, and truth be told, I didn’t really like what I saw.  Beth Moore quoted “Surely as Christians we must recognize the spirit of Haman, not only in our world but within ourselves.”

Me?  Have the spirit of Haman?

The rage within Haman had to do with a deep-seated rivalry, which also housed personal prejudices.  And this is where the mirror into my heart shined bright.  Beth asks to name a few specific ways we can spot someone’s prejudices, and of course I was able to spout off some without really thinking about it:

  • by the way a person gives a “look”
  • disdain in their voice
  • someone who is quick to high-light themselves, especially in comparison to others

It was easy for me to do this, because I know a person who does this continually.  And in naming those qualities, I realized just how I was judging her….putting myself above her because at least I didn’t do those things.


I felt pretty rotten when this hard nugget of truth inserted itself into my heart.  Childishly, I tried arguing —  “no, not me” — then I tried to rationalize it — “well, I only think like that when I’m thinking of her” — like a child caught with stolen contraband, I tried to get it away from me, all the while knowing it was a fruitless effort.

When I finally faced my own rottenness, I felt … dirty, unclean … The correction of the Lord certainly isn’t the most pleasant sensation!

And now…I’m still feeling that recrimination, still arguing with wanting to rationalize, deny, and point the finger away from me.  I know it’s going to take an even greater effort than just confessing my sin…repenting is what I need to do.  In being brutally honest with myself, I see a side that I didn’t even realize was there!  AND I DON’T LIKE IT!

I guess that’s the first step, huh?  Lord, help me get past it!